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Hi everyone :D

In the midst of rushing everyone off to journal and all that jazz, I forgot to do my journaling o.o 
It may be a little late but - better late than never!

In case you're wondering who i am, (because my avatar shows the face of the Tao Kae Noi (a brand of really really delicious seaweed) ) boy, I'm Sandra - the APYLS webmaster. Your IT support dude is Sherwyn - but he's rather swamped doing something special for your closing ceremony (: [the co-IT-support dude is Victor, who would love for you to know that his website, http://www.crazyhamster.net, is one of the top 10 blogs in Singapore [heehee] so 'do vote for him' (says he) )

Anyway, the past few days have been terrific for me as facilitator. It has been really fun getting to know all of you and finding out that no matter how different we are (theoretically that is), we are alike it so many ways. This is, in my opinion, what the APYLS is supposed to be about - forging a world without borders, getting along and interacting with each other no matter how far away we live and discussing world issues that affect all of us.

I'm going to be really sad when APYLS comes to a close tomorrow. I do genuinely hope that all of you will visit this community livejournal whenever you feel nostalgic to recap your APYLS memories (cos that's what the journal's for :D) and relive your APYLS moments. May you remain in contact with each other for a really long time and continue existing as one united APYLS 2008 delegation, regardless of your mode of communication with each other (:

Logging off to edit the tags and tidy up the journal,

Day 9


Well, it's our last Journaling session and the second last day of the Summit, so I can't miss this session. Yesterday after Journaling we had Dinner and then had our second Student Dialogue in which we discussed two topics; Global Security vs National Sovereignty and the Rise of Asia. I thought was really interesting. Both discussions were concluded by questions which encouraged relationships between people of different countries and nations on a personal level rather than just on a political level, which is what APYLS 2008 is all about, so it was a nice two hours of discussion altogether.
Today we left for the Urban Redevelopment Authority (with me skipping breakfast on account of my waking up late. Again). It was cool seeing the model of Singapore that they have, with the lady pointing out the different significant roads and buildings to us.
After URA we went to the Land Transport Authority. Among the things we did there was we took a tour which was really cool, in this virtual kind of way. I realised how much better public transport is and more practical especially in the years to come and, in contrast, how hard it would be to manage private transport.
Next, we went to HDB, the Housing and Development Board. It only added to my fascination with the organisation and maintenance of Singapore. I don't think any other country has a similar board. One of the things we did there, was we got to see some models of apartment houses in Singapore.
For the rest of today we'll be rehearsing for our Cultural Performances. Before that though, we have dinner - one of our last dinners here; I'm going to miss the noodles and the sweet-and-chilli-sauce fish, the fried food and the fruit punch and milo. I can't believe how fast the Summit has gone by. It feels like only yesterday that we were met by Dorothy in the airport and we'd unpacked our suitcases in our rooms, and now we'll all be preparing to pack again.I really don't want to leave. I've grown so accustomed to waking up at 5:30 in the morning (well, except for the ''occasional'' days when I would wake up like fiveminutes before departure time) and having all the delegates around. I remember that on my first few days here before the Summit had started, I was feeling all home-sick and wanted to go back home. I remember feeling nervous about meeting everyone, wondering how they all would be - but in just these 9 days I've gotten to know how very friendly everyone is and I've made so many friends. Although it was only 9 days, it feels like we've known each other for ages. It's going to be very hard to leave them all, the facilitators too (two of which are waiting for me to finish this entry so they can go off to dinner :P). Rhea, Wei Leong (Henry!), Athena, Grace, Bryan and all of them. You've all done such a great job putting this Summit together, thanks so, so much!
I'm going to miss you all and all 81 of the participants!

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i don't wanna believe today's journaling is the last ( you know i always didn't like journaling very much but..) and tomorrow this dear summit will be over. i just can't 

going back to my home, then maybe i have to forget those precious times, i should
to go back to my normal life easily 

anyway it was my lucky day , because i got something today. ^^*
we were in there, i forgot the name/// @@@@@@@@@@


ah yeap.
SRA and HDB.
In Korea we have much better model house , so .. i only enjoyed that artificial scientific building , it was really interesting.

i think i could get lots of knowledges about S'pore (most) , other variouse cultures , beliefs, also their ideologies. and i recognized that my preconception was totally wrong , ye i have gained so much from this summit.

i'm looking forward to seeing other conturies' performance and having party with them  . yeeeeeeeeeee *.*

i took so many pictures during this summit. i can show you when i go back to Korea . 

this is my farewell to you . Jjokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

 with love , Sseul *

my beloved friends, my precious times

talked all night felt all day
careless with my heart again 
fearless when it comes to playing games

you don't care

i trien and tried to let you know
i luv you but i'm letting go just don't know
     what am i doing now
but i can sure i will miss you guys
 if you don't know then you can't care

but nothing last forever , but be honest. 
i will miss you

And now, my friends, in a phrase I once addressed to others, it's time for me to go. Thank you and good bye, and God bless you.

kkkkkkk =} 

If you have chance to visit Korea , e-mail me or call me , you know i can make you have a big smile ^.~

destiny0131@naver.com / Phone :) 01031355292
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A great time

Hi All.

The last few days has been fantastic the idea of having free days was even better. 

+ Luge 
+ Western Food 
+ Luge 
+ more Food 
+ helping kids out 
+ luge 
+ having a great time on Saturday night 
 = Michael Happy 

On Saturday we started the day off with a blast. Really it was a blast here and a blast there with the developing skills of the APYLS students and the balloon sculpting. We were geting ready for balloon sculpting for the kids at the childern home but it looked like we needed some more practise.

Afterwards we made our way to VIVO city for breakfast were I had a sub way bacon and egg burger which was fantastic and a juice on make that 2 juice's. Anyway to get to the point it was fantastic. Than we made our way to the cable car and Mr. Smith (Smithy), Ed, Pete and myself got in the same car to go across to Santosa island. We all decided that when we would get there we would go straight for the luge ride cause it was close by. 

Well this is another story. Ed was the only one that had down this ride before so there for Pete, Smithy and myself didn't have a clue for what we were in for. We got our tickets and the 3 nubes went down slowy at first and then after we got the hang of it we were going fairly fast. Well.......... we got to the end and we all arrived at the same time but couldn't find pete. Here Pete comes sitting straight up with his back pack on and he going nice and slow down to the end. It was a be there moment but it was funny. We thought he had ran into the garden or somehing cause we couldn't see him for a while.

Straight after the first time down we decided to go back up on the SKY RIDE which was a very fast and very smooth high in the trees ride taking us back to the top 


Sorry that is all a lie. The SKY RIDE was only a chairlift that took a 10 mins and was slow and bumby but oh. So once we got to the top we went again and again *10. Yea we loved it. Pete only went an extra 2 times before deciding to go off by himslef and chill out on the really wired beaches. 

After Pete finished Smithy, Ed and I (the Three) went and Ed and Smithy bought new cloths just for today LOL. Mr Smith buying new outfit LOL. Anyway that only took 5 mins before going back to the top to do it all over again. The nexxt luge ride we raced down and went  up again and had something for lunch. Ed and I shared a Pizza wich was fantastic. 

We than went for another luge ride and this one was for drinks. The looser would have to buy a drink or ice cream for all of us. But there was a differance. The winner was the first one to crash into the black pads that spelt out slow down. Well it turned out great for me, lucky for Smithy and well not so good for Ed. Mr. Smith got a bad start and Ed had a great start before being stuck behind 2 kids who didn't know how to work the thing. I took my chance and gunned it. Sliped through the gap between the two kids and Mr Smith folloing me. With Ed out of my way i was clear for the finish and Mr. Smith really didn't have a chance. So as we were coming down the hill on the last straight instead of slowing down I started to yell help my brakes won't work and sped towards the black pads. I smashed into them T boned them out of the way and won the race and made a fool of my self at the same time. In result Ed had to buy Smithy and I drinks or something. After having a good laugh we did another 2 luge rides


I think we were up to our 7th go when we decided to play opperation Garden. This involved getting each other in to the gardan. Well we all started off well nice and slow trying to be behind each other. Mr. Smith took the lead and that once to be a mistake well maybe not. He wend very wide on the first conner and i lined my slef up to T bone him into the garden. I slowed down a little not much but Mr SMith gunned it and got out of my rode and left me heading straight for the garden. Yep I crashed. Slammed into the side of the garden (kurb) and it was very funny for everyone else not me but owell. 

Anyway we went straight up and wanted to do it again but we had ran out of tickets. We decided to see our luck at talking our way into another ride and in the end got an extra 3 so we were happy. The next time we had a teacher come with us and didn't do opperation garden but instead just raced.

The next 2 races were opperation garden and Mr. Smith was safe for all and Ed got in the garden on Mr. Smith doing once. Anyway afterwards Ed and I went for a quick swim and had a good relax before catching up with Pete and Smithy to go out for dinner. 

After catching the MRT we had some dinner at Clake Quay at a place called hot stones. The Ed and I had a great piece of Aussie steak that we cooked our self and it tasted fantastic. 

We than decided to go and have a drink somewhere but wern't sure where. As we walked we crashed into this Beer soft walking man things and had a few photo's with them. That was fun. As we were walking we noticed hooters and I thought I saw kids in there but didn't say anything. So we get a move on and they go so where do you guys want to go and I suggest as a joke Hooters cause i thought I saw kids there but then said only joking. So pete then goes that maybe if it is closer it is a good idea. So of we went to hooters..


No we just went and Smithy siad no we can't go in so we just got a photo out side and then went for a drink somewhere else. We had fun sculling down coke shots (shot glasses with coke in them). After this we finished up our fantastic day and night and went home.

THe next day we got up and had Mr donalds for breakfast that one of the teachers we went out with the night before bought us. She was a gift from heaven. Anyway it was good. 

We than made our way to the southern ridges and walked around there. To me it was nothing exciting cause it was just looked like what we had back home in Aus. Anyway after the walk we sent a trend and had photo's on this water feature that looked like we were walking on water and then many others copied us.

Afterwards we went to the Newater plant and had a great but borring time there but that is ok. We just learn't about the differant water that is used in SIngapore. THis was by no means the highlight of the trip.

For lunch we went to a children's home in Singapore and had fun playing with the kids and having lunch. We did many performaces and had lots of fun. We played soccer and than did some ballon making for the kids which they enjoyed. Aftewards we did a leason on the Macarena which i taught and that was a lot of fun. It was amazing that there was life in these kids despite everying they have gone though. It was amazing.

After this we had dinner and went to the night safari. This was fantastic. Smith and I walked around the park with in 30 mins which was very quick. But we were going very fast.  Durring our walk I played opperation garden and won and we went up the wrong track and jumped on to a tram. It was great. For opperation garden we just were walking alone and than i took my chance and gave Smithy a big push into the garden he tripped and fell and landed in the garden finally pay back was done. We than walked up the wrong path not realising until we herd the tram come and lastly we jumped on a tram when one came past for only 5 secs but still. Basicly we had fun. Later on we had a bight to eat got some stuff for family back home and then we had a singapore sling. It was great (DS) LOL. I loved it. 

I stayed up fairly late that night cause we were talking alot but then went to bed.

The last 2 days were fantastic and I had loads of fun. This was possibly the best time i have had for along time.

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Day 9

OH NO!!!
I made a big mistake with Rika......Sorry for teachers and facilitators...

Finally, tomorrow is the Closing ceremony...i can't beleive it! 
I will do my best!
See you!

Im so sad

 IM so sad that i have only one more day!!!! I still ahve many people who I have never talked to. But I am also happy of the new friends I have made.
Today, we went to housing related places. I had always thouh that singapores buiding are all interesting shapes!! the story was very interesting.

But actually being honest I have nothing to write about ,,,, though I have learned a lot of things, the best thing in mind is that I had a very good time with every one and I ahve already writen about that,,,
and,,,,,,, I made a big mistake with nozomi!!!!!!!!! Actually i think all the mistakes and troubles I made with my friend will be most rememberable for me,,,,  
I cant believe its the closing ceremony tomorrow...I really cant believe it!!!! time runs so fast!!!!!


Today's the last journaling day and I haven't got much time now, so I'll get straight to the point. 

I don't think I've realized that the summit is almost over, and that tomorrow is actually "Day 10, Farewell," which seemed ever so far away till now. Each day of the summit has been so packed with activity that I simply can't recall all the events of the last few days. Thank you, everyone, for all the fun, laughter, friendship, and everything else of the last ten days! I'm quite sure that none of us is the same as what we were nine days ago, and I feel that this change is definitely for the better. Thank you, Hwa Chong, for this absolutely amazing experience!

day 9

it's day 9 & i can already see that i am goin to miss so many people here. i only hope that we always keep in touch, no matter how busy we get at any point in our lives.
being the first international event that i am attending ,it was a fabulous learning experience-visiting Astar,EDB,newWater ,Istana etc interacting with scientists,ministers,the president & other important people .but there were a lot of fun moments that will be remembered for a long time to come,there were also really scary moments in the adventure camp that i will obviously not forget.i must be a priveleged bloke to be chosen from my school for this summit. my experience was nothing short of amazing.i wud like to thank all hwa chong student facilitators in general & our facil,Sandra in particular & all those in charge of organizing the summit
for making it a wonderful experience for me. i wud also like to thank all student participants for making it a special ocassion in my life & i just hope that all u guys constantly stay in touch with each other & not just forget about the summit & the wonderful time we've had together after goin back home!

all good things come to an end. =(

okay. day 9. n its my last journaling. sad isnt it. how fast time flies. so its our economic development day. we went to urban redevelopment authority.. n the gurmit singh part was damn funny. haha. so green is fashion trend huh? =p. n then we went to the land transport authority.. i loooooove the exhibition. it was so cool! as if im in the future world or sumthin. n then we went to haousing development board.. yea just like ordina~ i think todays was quite boring, since im not really into it. but i have my friends all day and it felt like everythin was lighten up.


n im being emotional rite now?
well its normal for humans to feel sad rite.
but this is different.
i have never had this kind of friendship before. 
its like they have met me befoe.
n understood me very well.
undescricable with words.
did i spell it right?
n its the last journaling.
feel like crying.
so i would like to take this oppurtunity to say to..

wei shan~ u have been such a great partner. u understand me very much! i hope we will always be friends. u were always there n never leave me as in alone. haha. luv ya gal~ keep in touch. n_n 

deborah~ u aa.. haha. funny la u debbie. ure like the blur kind, but non stop harassing people. haha. i will miss all ur jokes u noe. n noe wat, haff got a pic of us sleeping in the bus. wahahaha. forgive me if i hurt ur feelings without me noe-ing it. n_n luv ya~

sarraa~ owh. ur such a nice gal. i remembered the time u were really pissed off wif naif. hahaha. at least he came n said sorry u noe. hes nice act la~ haha. so do keep in touch ya~ owh yea, ur n mine hp wil always be the same. hahahaha~ luv ya~

mell n eryn~ hahaha. the two cute gals. im sorry if ure mad im teasing about ur height. that makes u cute u noe act. haha. u guys r really cool. luv ya~

yinnin~ owh. u have really great knowledge u noe. even better than most of the delegates. well u r really a nice girl. n keep on being enthusiastic u noe. haha~ luv ya~

bao (a.k.a amy) n pi (a.k.a bee) n pepper~ u guys r the best roommate ever~ thnk u for always helping me. n im really sorry if i didnt woke u guys up. n sorry3 if u guys felt uncomfy with what i do. i hope that we will meet again. n thx 4 everythin that u give! n_n

trump (a.k.a yoon siang)~ mr. trump sir~~ hahaha. ur a great friend too. n really3 friendly. ure one of the guy-delegates that i like to talk to u noe. thx 4 cheering my days up! n_n 

qiu~ qiuuuuuuuuuuuuu! hahaha. ure a great friend too! u always make me laugh with all ur jokes. since the first day! n ur such a sweet guy. n noe wat. im sure u will get a great prom partner this year. or next year. haha. thx qiuuuu! n u r CUTE!! guuapo!! n_n

n not to forget..

tirah, pain, haff, zharif n farid~ my malaysian gang. thx u guyz. u guyz made my days fun n exciting. tirah n pain, thx 4 everyyyyything n sorry if i have done anything wrong. as 4 zharif, sorry bout the picca! but i will always keep it! haha. but haff already did his work. haiyoo~ as a burung. or whaateva. ur a gud partner zharif! n_n n farid, well, make sure u speak more during student dialogue ok? n0 lah. juz kiddin. n haff. hmm. c ya at wgsa maju! haha. n_n

n as for the rest of the delegates that i didnt mention, sorry cuz too many to say! haha. thank u soooo much u guys! n sorry 4 everything! im gonna miss u guys soooooo much! n this is my email~ sweet_lavender92@yahoo.com. do keep in touch kayh? friendster, facebook, myspace, msn, n yahoo msngr! =)!

owh ya, this is the mosssttt important i think..

the facilitators!

u guys rock! n eileen, sorry n thx 4 everythin! i WILL protect my towel! haha.

to hwa chong boardin skul, thx 4 creating a great summit!

to everyone, i mean every single person related to 3rd asia-pacific young leaders summit 2008,

ill be missing u guyz!!
keep in touch ya!

lots of luv,
elinar yasmeen~ n_n
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Day 9


The Summit is now winding down. I am not looking forward to leaving because I probably have to turn up to my school the day after the flight. Well anyway today we visited three major bodies concerned with economic and infrastructure development of Singapore. It is amazing how much work goes behind the presentations and exhibitions of these government agencies. They seemed to put a lot of effort behind trying to present a modern, caring government body to the youth of today. However, it was still worthwhile to hear from the three bodies. Although I would find it difficult to be a Singaporean forced from their car onto public transport. I can only take so much public transport before I get sick of people. 

Michael and I also had a lengthy talk about whether Australian would be willing to give up the Australian dream of a home in exchange for the Singaporean model. As this is my last chance to journal I would just like to thank all who have helped make this opportunity possible, the Hwa Chong facilitators especially. You lot were so professional throughout the two weeks and you are credit to your school and yourselves. Without you none of this could have happen.
Well it has been a great two weeks and summit
If anyone visits Australia feel free to contact me